This is just a quick article on men’s shoes/boots. I looked at what I have and liked and what was chosen for me in the past and decided to shoe you what is out there.

I have picked four pairs of foot wear from Diechmans, Next, Burtons and Tesco’s. These footwear styles are not to expensive and can be affordable if you shop around.


Picture from Diechmans.

This boot is my favourite and I wear it a lot at the minute. It may be a little bit pricey from Diechmans but in my opinion they do last very well and are always comfortable. This boot always looks good with jeans and a dark top and also with chinos of a darker colour. It is made from a leather and a man made sole. Combined with a double stitched zip and buckle finished off with lace ups. In this store it has a 5 star rating and goes with the Autumn and winter collection and retails for about £34.99.


Picture from Next.

These shoes are for sale at Next and are Derby plain brown. They are made from an upper leather and the sole is an made. these are a stylish wear that can be worn with smart clothing or with blue jeans not black. if with jeans they need to be with a light coloured top maybe a T-shirt or a long sleeved shirt. Buying them would set you back a £55 and this means it would be an occasion such as an interview or meeting, maybe a nice dinner with a friend or partner.


Picture from Burtons.

In these pictures it is black but I personally have a grey pair with red laces and a red lined sole. These ankle high boots are of a comfortable style. The design is labelled as Desert grey style shoe with red contrast stitching. They go very well with grey/blue or blue chinos or a dark blue jeans and a light coloured top. with a dark coloured jacket. These boots usually retail at about £30 but I got them cheaper as I shopped around, plus my beautiful wife chose them.


Picture from Tesco’s.

This is an always classic style boot that we can always see in films with gangsters and hoods. It goes well with any colour jeans and with dark trousers. Looking at ratings it has a 4 star rating and goes well with dark blue/black jean, maroon top/t-shirt. so is a totally classic look.