Good afternoon people how is your weekend going? Good I hope. I have been thinking of trying a different approach to men’s fashion. So today I have thought and today I want my fellow readers to think about what they think would look good with a pair of trousers I have chosen from Burtons website that is of a smart look.   

So what I want from the readers is to upload a picture of what you think will look good with the trousers in your comments and then I will set up another post on all the different ideas and names of bloggers with their ideas. Ideas such as socks, shoes , smart trainers, shirts, T-shirts, jumpers and sweaters, waistcoats and what ever else you can think of.

The ideas of what you post in the messages will be loaded up and put out on my wordpress, Niume, Google+, Tumblr and, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So now here is the photo of the trousers, so please send in your ideas and send pictures in your messages so I can put them on my blog and give recognition to you all.


Well these are the trousers I want you think about and please pass this on to your friends and other bloggers that may have an idea.

I look forward to your photos and ideas and I promise that the ones I pick I will put name recognition for you in my blog and maybe see where it leads, maybe a blog of working together.