Good day to my fellow writers, how are you all? Good I hope. Well as usual I have been looking through the internet for something to write about and I have found something different. It is men’s fashion but with a future style

I have found four pictures of something different from fashion shows and this time I could not find prices as I did not have time as I have been busy. If this was my job then I would find time to find the prices and maybe write a lot more.


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This is a futuristic style suit that appears to be slim fit for most people. Why can they never have an average man of height and build modelling these clothes. For me that would more of an appealing buy for me and most people I think. This particular suit is from the Fall/winter 2013 sporty-vibe. It is designed for Dior Home, by Kris Van Assche. With Black stylish smart dress shoes that could be sold at most retail shops and slim fit smart trousers finished off with a Black jacket. On the jacket is a printed red circle with a triangle inside the circle.

Stylish and smart that actually could be worn in todays upper class society and probably set you back a bob or two.


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This to me as it on my opinion appears to be something from the 1960’s fashion not the future, but who am I. This image did come under the subject I looked for- Men’s Future Fashion. It is a slim fit smart tailored suit. In this photo it appears to have this model wearing smart black shoes, with slim fit black trousers. On the top half he is wearing a white slim fit tailored shirt with a bow tie. To finish it off he is wearing a black slim fit jacket with a shiny collar and a white chest pocket finisher. To make this look like a business mans suit is the hat the model is wearing makes it looks old style business man.


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This is a mix of future and modern style mixed with leather and other materials. On his feet he is wearing fashionable black slip on shoes with a gold looking band across the shoes. With black socks and slim fit trousers. On top he is wearing what appears to be a black leather waist coat done up to the collar. Over the top of this he is wearing a hip length jacket that appears to be slim fit and finishing off with black leather gloves.

This to me looks smart and is something that could actually be worn today but some may not like the leather waist coat.

It is designed by Yves Saint Laurent and is part of the winter and fall collection and is photographed by Kuba Dabrowski.


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In this photo I have gone a different way but still futuristic in a way. If you think of the game Assassins Creed, it can match the outfit. It is shown on Fashion Cyberpunk Clothing. The hooded top is made from different materials and it appears to be two different styles of leggings. It appears to be men’s black tights with a knee length baggy shorts to the knees. With under knee boots. This is a great fashion look for the future but not street wear maybe fancy dress.

Well readers I hoped you like what I have written and put together. It is different, so if there is something you would like me to write about please let me know what you would like.