Good day to my fellow readers/bloggers, how are you all? Today I have been thinking on what to put on my blog and now I have decided, as you can see from the title it is Men’s Polo shirts from Burtons, Debenhams and New Look.

I have provided the pictures and a small write up about the Polo Shirts and how much they cost roughly. If you have anything you would like me to write about on here please let me know by leaving a comment.


Picture from Burtons.

This particular Polo shirt is named Navy Empire Polo Shirt which costs roughly about £20. This particular shirt is of a medium size  and is made of 100% Cotton. The design is of Navy Marl with tile print collar  and has a  same design chest pocket on the left chest side.


Picture from Debenhams.

The name of this particular polo shirt is Racing Green British Style for Debenhams and costs about £22 in store. The polo shirt in the picture is of regular fit with dark stripes around the collar, pocket and sleeves around the purple colouring. It is made from 100% Cotton.


Picture from New Look

This particular Polo shirt is one of my favourites and the plain look is broken up by the blue panelling chest design with dark blue stripes around the sleeves and collar. This shirt retails for about £14.99. This shirt is of slim fit and made from 100% Cotton.

Well I hope you have liked what I have put down here and it gives some ideas of what is out there. If anything you want to read about please leave a comment and inform me.