Good day to my fellow readers, how are you all? Today I have put together a quick blog on three of my favourite sweaters I have found looking on the internet. They are smart and casual at the same time, with smart jeans and shoes or trousers.

So feel free to leave comments on what I have written or maybe send me something you would like me to write up or post on my page. I am open to trying different suggestions or topics.


Picture from Abercrombie & Finch.

This is a classic looking but stylish sweater of light grey material. It is of V-neck design and made from 60% Cotton and 40% Linen and is designed from Flagship. This particular sweater is a medium size and is casual wear but with a pail grey shirt or off white shirt, looks great with jeans or trousers. This particular one retails for about £58 from the above name.  LOVE IT


Picture from Woolovers.

Here we have a old style sweater that reminds me of the type of sweaters we used to wear at school. It is of crew neck design and the colour, they have called it Berry, personally I would call it maroon or dark cherry. It is made from 100% Cashmere and the size of this particular one is medium. Personally I would not wear white trousers with this sweater, in my opinion I would wear a grey or charcoal trousers and may be a pail shirt like a light blue. This sweater retails for about £49 at Woolovers.


Picture from Burtons.

This sweater is known as Oatmeal ? but it does look good. As you can see it has a three button collar and high neck collar. It is one of those sweaters that looks good with a white crew neck T-shirt or a white or pail shirt underneath. The sweat in the picture is of medium size but is available in other sizes. It retails for about £15 in Burtons and to me is a great buy. It is made from 85% Acrylic & 15% Wool. LOVE IT.