Good day to my fellow readers, I hope you are all well and enjoying the life we have been given. I have thought about what I am going to write about in regards to men’s fashion. I have got a few ideas but I have thought I would write about what I want to achieve and gain from writing about Men’s Fashion in my opinion.

I have looked at many different things in regards to this subject and I know there is lots of different articles and blogs out there as in what is top notch and what is not, high end fashion and what the celebrities wear. To be honest how many of us can afford the type of names and clothing that the stars wear? Not many that’s for sure I bet. So what I want to put out there in my blogs is affordable fashion for men, from places like Burtons, Debenhams, New Look and the other every day shops that can be affordable to the everyday Joe that cannot afford a lot to spend. Like me I have a great job which pays good but with keeping a house hold and going to the gym and doing kickboxing I don’t get a lot of time or money spare for the luxuries in life.

I have been for a photo shoot in London for some company and now I have put myself on Star Now. I have had a few calls from people but unfortunately I have had to turn them down due to my shifts at work. The unfortunate thing is that I want to be able to have a job in fashion where I can work from home or an office and write about anything to do with Fashion. Whether that be modelling clothes for a company like Debenhams, Burtons or any other middle aged clothing company. It could also be writing about fashion from an amateurs point of view but in the end I want to make a living from this and enjoy writing or posing for the cameras.

I do enjoy researching about fashion and looking up what is new and old style fashion and up to date. What I would like is my readers to either put forward their favourite tops, shirts, trousers, sports wear and anything you would like to have a write up on and I will try to write about it and what may look good with it but in my opinion.

So please send me some clothing you like and I will put in my blog and try and put a few ideas out there. So please email me a few picture on and what you hope to see with these pictures and I will try my best to put a few things out there. Or if you are a company that wants a small write up on clothing please get in touch and see what we can do.

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