I have thought of trying a different approach this time, but still found things I have liked with three different celebrities. but all different casual looks. I have chosen three casual looks and Beckham, Jonas and Khan.

If you like what I have written please fell free to make comments on what is good or bad plus feel free to comment on anything you would like to read about.


Picture from outfittrends.com

Here we see David Beckham out on the town wearing a scruffy but casual look. The clothes David is wearing is probably top of the range but if you look about you could find very similar styles for half the price.

First we have the plain white trainers, but it probably look just as good with white pumps. The Jeans are baggy and long legged, which are a look of worn and torn and faded, with the odd torn hole in the legs. On the top we have a white T-shirt that appears to be slim fit with a black motif and over this we have a black leather looking jacket with a material collar. What would look good is a worn, maybe torn looking jacket. To finish it of he is wearing Aviator sunglasses of a dark colour.


Picture from heartandhabit.com

We all know this young man especially if you into boy bands from the USA. Here we have Nick Jonas looking casual but smart at the same time and to be fare , pulling it off very well. First off we have his smart brown shoes that can be bought in most clothing shops for anything from £20 upwards. Next we have the loose fitted jeans with turn ups at the bottom but personally id do it without the turn ups. On the top we have a light/pale blue shit of slim fit undone at the collar which is available at most clothing shops from about £10 upwards and worn with the sleeves turned up. With the jeans and shoes he is wearing a brown leather looking belt and carrying a brown leather looking man bag/satchel but any brown bag would look good here.


Picture from pinterest.

Here we have an actor who some people may not recognise, he is a famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. I personally have these clothes myself apart from the white trainers. The trainers are available from most clothes shops and sports shops and can be brought for about £25-£60 depends on where you go. The jeans are long legged with a worn look in the legs, but worn without a belt so they hang a little off the hips, these can be had for about £20-£30. The top is a slim fit top which is worn with nothing underneath and has a button front of four buttons. When wearing this top the buttons should be undone. To finish this look of he is wearing silver rimmed aviator sunglasses with silver or grey lenses.

Well I hope you have like what I have written and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future articles.