Well as I said I am going to write something different tonight. This time I am going to put a few things down about what has already been written as badly dressed celebrities. So anything I put down has been taken from articles about the top title.

Please click on the links at the bottom of the photos and feel free to read more about these articles.

pic 1


What can I say about the above photo. I am not really going to write much about these photos as the photos speak for them selves.

Pic 2


Out of all the photos, this is one of them that is not to bad. If you wear this you really need the chest muscle with a little hair to show it off.

pic 3


Wow is all I can say about this outfit. It is bright, colourful and out there. The man has stones to wear something like this and credit to him.

pic 4.jpg


This photo is not to bad, just he should leave the cloak off and different pair of shoes.

pic 5


Well to me this guy looks like he is wearing a quilted blanket. But like I said these photos have all come from different articles about celebrities dressing badly.

Well I hope you like the article and please feel free to use the links to read more about the articles online. Plus  maybe leave a comment on my blog page.