Good afternoon my fellow readers. I have gone a different way today and decided to try something different. What is it that makes a man good looking? Could it be the way his cheek bones are chiselled, the stubble on his face, his piercing eyes or his gleaming smile?

Some may say it is the way his muscles are developed, but does he know that he has a great body and uses it to his advantage and use others as an object? who’s to tell. Surely if he is good looking on the outside isn’t it important to be good looking on the inside?

Is it because he is famous and has an A lister life style, which could attract what he is looking for. This is nothing personal against good looking people. I am looking for people opinion and comments at the end of this.

Below I have looked for famous good looking people and not so famous good looking people. They have links under the photos so please follow it and read the articles as well.






Now below I have looked for non famous men who appear to be good looking. I would be interesting to see what people think of my selection on this at the end.




Now I know the second one is starting to become famous because of his piercing eyes and his chiselled looks but I think you get where I am going with this. Please go on the links and maybe leave comments at the end..