Well it has been a while, since I have been on here and it has been a little busy for me. I have had a birthday which was quiet as usual, but the good thing is my parents came over to visit me on my birthday, even though it was only about 45 minutes to an hour. The main thing is that I saw them, no time is better than no time. In the afternoon my girlfriend came over and for my birthday and got me an amazing present(which I was not expecting) she got me a TV for the bedroom, I was over whelmed with what she got me.

For the week of my Birthday I booked a week off work and it was amazing, I have been to the gym and tried a new workout. It is HIIT cardio for 15 minutes and medium weights but each rep was done slowly, so I done reps really slowly and I found out I could not do as many reps with my usual reps. But I do feel the burn more and more and have started to bulk a little more. My diet has been small but often so I eat about 4-5 times a day but low carbs. I have kept the cardio down to a minimal due to an injury to my ankle, I did not slip, trip or fall. I feel pain in my ankle and yes it is a little swollen and a little painful but manageable, I feel pain in the left leg, left side of my shin, ankle and left side of the top of my foot. It is ok when I don’t walk but starts to hurt when I walk but not to bad. I have taken pain killers and anti-inflamitaries but with no effect.

I did go out for a few drinks on Friday night for a few birthday drinks, I arranged drinks with people I woke with but only my team leader turned up, one bloke couldn’t because his wife was working so he had to look after the kids which is cool. One bloke had family issues and others did not reply or turn up. I did have a good night having a few drinks with my boss, nice catch up and a great laugh. 

At the moment I am drinking Jack Daniels with ice and watching The big Bang Theory while typing. funny as and Sheldon singing with friends mom. Plus I have been studying about kickboxing, studying styles and combinations. this links in with trying to keep fit , I have tried to bulk up a little and now it is time to cut down and lose a little fat in my body. I would love a body to show a little muscle and be able to have  photo shoots, for a laugh. It would make me feel confident I think. 

Now it is Sunday 21st October and it is 18:57 and just cooked food for work tomorrow which consists of pasta and spag bol, plus also chicken salad, that would be two spag bol and one chicken salad. Plus I will have a slim fast shake for breakfast  and snack. I now it going to be difficult as people can be difficult at work and right now I am totally chilled from work. Plus I may go to the gym after work  or do a work out at home with my chin up frame. 

Well I hope everyone is ok, I have missed writing but in my mind set I have to try and alter things. I hope everyone is ok. please feel free to message me . Stay safe and be aware, look after yourselves. Love you all