Good day to you all, I hope you are all well. 

Well today was interesting so far and it is only 14:32 so far. I just been up the local shop (co-op) and got a bottle of white wine with 7up to make a spritzer or two. On the way back there was a man speaking or should really say shouting in another language at people. He was staggering along the street as he shouted at people but did not come across as aggressive at the minute. One lad across the street was shouted at and he called back ‘who you shouting at?’ . then as I passed him he went to high five me but also grabbed my right arm. I turned and said ‘what the hell’? , he said something in a language I did not understand and then pushed me on the right shoulder. I stood my ground and asked him what his problem was and he raised his hand up, I thought he was going to hit me so I stepped back and kicked him in the stomach  know a front kick. as he went down I turned and walked off quite quickly as I am not one for fights. I would rather run than fight unless it vital to stand. 

Well all I can say about work is, it has been busy with new staff starting and people going missing. but busy is always good as it makes the time go quicker. My kickboxing sessions have been going well. I am getting on top of reversing punches, which is one of my difficulties at the minute but I am getting through it. But there are times where I think I wish I could teach my own classes. When I get my Black Belt I will go under my instructors name and his insurance until I get established then go my own way. But the thing is, out of respect for my instructor I will keep his class name and his name for chief instructor. I do enjoy my classes and so look forward to teaching fitness and kickboxing all in one.

I have found lately that people are becoming more and more selfish in society. For example I was walking into town today and a saw an elderly woman walking with a stick and she was walking slowly. I was walking behind her and she stopped walking and asked me to come by, I said to her ‘no carry on I am not in a hurry’. So she turned and carried on, then two idiots barged passed her and nearly knocked her to the floor. I jumped forward and tried to grab the old lady, to stop her falling over, just in time. I shouted at the two idiots and told them to show respect, plus a few choices of bad language. As I did this the two idiots turned and started getting confrontational with me, here we go again, I seem to attracted these types of people. Then from no where a police officer came from somewhere and stepped in. The look on these two idiots faces was priceless. This police officer was built like a brick shit house, muscles everywhere and turned towards these idiots and basically told them to apologise and walk away. To be fair if he told me to jump I would ask how high. lol

Well I am chilling right now and watching a movie on Netflix Ouija: Origin of evil, Not to bad but not scary at all. I still also still looking for a new job, something exciting, and more demanding to ask for. Something that will push me to my limits and make me better mentally and physically.

Today is my day of rest and maybe I will hit the gym later as I have just completed four challenges in four months, run or walk 100-125-150-200 miles in a month. maybe next month I will try cycling the same distances as well. Just to get my fitness better, even though I go kickboxing once a week and the gym three to four times a week I need to concentrate on my diet to strip the body fat away , just a little.

Well I am off now and I will try and get back to you all later on this weekend. I hope everyone is well and please feel free to leave me a message. ask me if there is anything you would like to discuss, and I will do my best to help out.

Take care and stay safe no matter where you are.