Well people how are you all? I hope you are good.

I have not been up to much as I have had a long week at work, 5 shifts of 12 hours each and over the weekend it can be very long. There has not been a lot going on really, so there is not much to write about this time. I did have a great session in kickboxing learning how to teach and ways of engaging people that appear not to be doing great in a session, this was a real eye opener. 

I started looking for different music to listen to and to chill out to. I have found out I have a great liking for country music. Mainly KANE BROWN, a young man who I think is 24 yrs old and with his voice…..dam killer…..I have watched some of his videos he posts out there too. 

Kane Brown

I have gone out to get his music and this is the only one I can get in my town. Believe me when I say it is a great CD. I have watched some of his videos he posts and he seems to be so much for his fans, getting them up on stage in concert. What he did for his mums birthday and he video it was awesome. He seems to be a very humble man and doesn’t seem to be one of those men that has let fame go to his head. His music to me has that feeling of no matter how bad ya day has been it doesn’t matter remember your friends. 

well that’s all I have for now. Did say it was short this time. But I do recommend that you even try listening to his music, my favourite tracks are Heaven, What If, and What’s Mine is Yours.

Remember people be nice to people, no matter what they say to you, at the end of the day what they say are only words. Words only hurt you or offend you if you give meaning to what they say, so don’t give them meaning, they are just words. To many people now days are to easily offended by what people say or do, those people are only offended because they are feeding into what the other person says. Just laugh at them and walk away. 

Stay safe, look after the loved ones and keep real. Remember they are just words.