Good evening folks, I hope you all ok and had a good weekend. Who went out to see a fire works display, hopefully everyone came home ok. 

Well I had a lovely week end, it started on Friday  as it was my day off as was Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I got up late which was about 10:30 in the morning and felt so good that I slept this long , so when I got up and had breakfast I headed off to the gym. This  consisted of a heavy weights work out with chest, shoulders, back, abbs, legs and dead lifts. The whole work out lasted for about 1 hour and 15 minutes with a 15 minute cardio of 1 minute fast run and then a minute walk . In the evening I went to kickboxing to learn more about teaching people and how to break down the moves and punches and also using the techniques. 

On Saturday I was taken to Cadbury’s World, which was I can tell you ‘amazing’. I can’t remember the last time I went if I ever had been, but I did enjoy myself . I had tones of chocolate, which I don’t tend to eat anyway and by the end of the day I felt sick. I went into the 4D cinema there which was fun, then into the tour around and had more chocolate around the factory. 



There was a huge chocolate spider which was looking delicious. The car looked great and we saw Berty Bassett but I wasn’t brave enough to have a photo taken with him. I know I am a big kid, well I felt like it . The whole day must of lasted about 3-4 hours in all. The only bad thing is it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. When I got home with the person I was with we had another hot chocolate with no cream but had small marshmallows and after that I really felt sick and sick of chocolate but dam didn’t it taste good.

Sunday I had to kill it at the gym and wasn’t it difficult and a felt so stuffed still and a little bloated too. but to be honest, it not that bad if you have a blow out on rubbish food once in a while surely?.

Well I hope you all have had a great weekend as me. But I did work it off the next day. Well be nice to people. If someone gets in your face and starts to say bad things about you. Try just saying OK or yes that’s right and smile. Remember they are just words and they only have meaning if you give them meaning.  So smile at the person and agree, then the only person that will look silly is the other person.

Stay safe.