Well if has been a rough couple of days for me, I have come down with a bug. I started feeling tired and having a head that felt like a two week hangover, plus my hearing kept going a little. Then my right eye kept watering like a tap  and then the sniffles came so my right eye and nose ran like a tap. Then when it comes to the evening my eye looked raw red and swollen, plus I felt so drained all the time. I went into work for 07:00 on Monday and I only lasted about an hour and I felt I was sleeping standing up. My colleagues said how rough I looked and to be honest I felt as bad as they said, plus not to mention the sweats. 

So once home I had to have a shower and I was dripping with sweat and it wasn’t warm. I dressed in my slobs and chilled on the sofa watching Hotel Artemis and don’t remember watching any of it, looking at the clock it was around 15:00, Id fallen asleep for about 6 hours and don’t remember anything. That night I chilled in bed watching a film around 20:45 and thought I need to stay awake until about 21:40-22:30 so I could get a good nights sleep. Unfortunately it was around 22:00 I did fall asleep but wide awake by 03:30 ish, and that was it I was done (boohoo).

The lack of sleep has gone on for a couple of nights, at least the sniffles and watering eyes has just about gone. The only thing that remains at the minute is the heavy head and the no energy levels, this means I haven’t been able to manage the gym for nearly a week and now my stomach is bloated and painful. Sods law if its not one thing its another. Because my job is patient orientated I had to have a few days off so I need to see if I am fit for work.

I managed to get the energy to walk into town, by the time I got there I was done in so I stopped for a coffee and tried cool down and stop feeling sweaty. After about 45 minutes I felt like I had cooled down and started to look for Christmas presents. I did not find anything I wanted to get but will have another look tomorrow, plus I need to get my mum something for her Birthday which is on the 10th December as well. What do you get your mum that has everything ?

Well that’s me done for now, yep feeling tired again as I had another night of broken sleep and was awake by 02:30 ish but I did fall back to sleep again around 04:00 and then woke about 08:50. But I still feel so tired and worn out, so I am going to chill on the sofa and watch Hotel Transylvania 3. Yes knowing me I will miss most of it and fall asleep during the film. 

Well take care and be nice to one another, try not to be offended by what people say to you, they are just words.