Short story on Inkvite

There is another world we here little about but we see a lot of on TV and in movies. It is the world of werewolves and vampires. We all think it is safe outside at night but there are creatures lurking in the shadow worlds. The other day I happened to see a quick reality of this . A glimpse of a patch of fur wiz through the woods. A flash of white sharp teeth run through the woods. At first I thought I was imagining things. With all the stories about the forest. But yet again something rushed past me and this time I screamed at it. 

   This big creature stopped and stood on its hind legs turned and looked at me. I stood there frozen, in fear but excitement rushed through me. The wolf walked towards me, and sniffed me. A vampire girl came out of clearing “Luke where are you-” she laid her eyes on the wolf. “There you are!” She stopped in her steps when she saw me. She had pitch black eyes and hair, I recognized the sharp fangs. She was the one I saw running. 

   Even though I was scared I managed to crack a smile at the beautiful vampire girl. “Who are you, and what are you doing here”? She demanded. Looking at her I tried to act brave and said in a cocky voice “why do you own this forest”? The wolf snarled at me then turned to a boy and stood beside the girl. My heart sank. “Relax were siblings.” The boy grunted, a sigh of relief washed through me. 


   The moon began to fall and the sun cracked through to the sky. The boy walked off, the girl winked at me then followed. I followed them just to see. The woman spoke to me and appeared to be as human as me. I asked about being a werewolf but she turned and scorned a look of death at me. ” I’m not a werewolf, I’m a vampire” 

   I apologised and asked how did she become a vampire and her brother Luke became a werewolf. She sighed and sat down on a tree stump, while Luke curled up beside her. “It started when we were just kids, in these forest.” Her voice sounded hushed as if someone may be listening. “I was in this forest with Luke..