“Hi my names James. I want to tell you about my story”.    I am a bit of a loner when I lived in the real world. I was never happier than when I was by myself or just sitting in a coffee shop and watching people. The funny thing is, I don’t think anyone noticed me, just watching people. Some times I’d go to the coffee shop late in the evening as it closed around 23:00 most days. 

   Like I said I didn’t think anyone noticed me, until that night. I didn’t have many friends, but one man became a real friend, guide and mentor in time. As I watched people rush home from work or on the way to pubs or clubs I did notice one man across the street. He looked scruffy in clothing but something about his clothing I like. Kind of like Victorian but modern. He was there one minute and gone the next. When he was there he would be looking in my direction smoking a cigarette. The weird thing is I could see his eyes the most but they were a strange orange colour. 

   Once finishing my coffee I take me cup to the counter and say “thanks” the the waiter. Upon leaving I notice the man finishing his cigarette and squashing it out with his boot. I turn and walk off towards the side streets. For some reason I liked to walk down the quiet but spooky side streets. I suppose it’s because there are less people and it could be safer. How wrong was I. As I walked down it sounded like there was someone behind me but every time I looked , no one was there, just old news papers floating in the damp wind. The lights on the side streets were out but it didn’t bother me. As I walked the feeling someone was following me grew stronger. 

   Five minutes later I ducked down an alley way, the feeling of being followed disappeared. Much to my relief. Idid look back at one point and noticed a figure standing at the end of the alley where I had come from. I picked up my pace and like before he was gone. As I got to the end of the alley the man suddenly appeared and stood in front of me and smiled. With his smile he said “James, how are you tonight, this isn’t your usual way home”. 

   With that I asked him ” who the hell are you”? 

   With that question he just smiled and said ” you will find out in time”. 

   I tried to push past him shoving his shoulder out the way, I might as well have tried pushing a brick wall. With that push he grabbed me and saw him open his mouth and saw four big fangs coming out his mouth. Then a sharp pain in my neck. I could suddenly feel the life drain out of me. With I a few minutes I passed out. 


   This is how my new life begins. James will be no more.