Short story from Inkvite 

Once I actually come around I could barely see out my eyes. Everything was out of focus and the light seemed to be very bright. A voices comes from my left side saying “your eyes will adjust in time, as will you other senses” . I sit up out of fright, because I can’t see anything just figures and shapes. “Who’s there, who is it” I ask in a panicky voice.    “I am the man that has changed your life. Made you more than a man”. Comes his reply. 

   “Still I don’t know your name” I ask carefully. 

   “Sorry forgive me I am Drax, I am you mentor, trainer or guide.” Drax says to me in an excited voice. I ask him “why are you my guide what am I doing here. Why does my neck hurt”. Drax tells me to slow down with the questions and everything will be come clear in the next few days. 

   I run my neck as I feels saw, as I rub it I feel a slight twinge in my neck by no wound. I know he bit me on the neck. It is starting to all come back to me. I said to him ” I remember that you grabbed me then bit me on the neck and then I passed out”. Drax darts over to me that quick I didn’t see him move. Drax is staring straight into my eyes and I can’t do anything but look into his eyes. Which are a weird shade of orange, plus the smell of cigarettes. I think about what has happened and what I have seen I think about it and laugh to myself. Drax looks at me and says ” what’s funny”. I look at him and shake my head saying, ” everything tells me your a vampire”. With this Drax backs away and smiles. “Welcome to the other side James”. With that he hands me a metal wine goblet and tells me to drink from it. I do as he asks without thinking about it. As it happens Drax comes across as a lovely bloke. 

   Handing back the goblet I feel a surge of power rushing through my body. This is very painful but also nice. “You have just drank my blood, now you will finish the change” , looking at Drax I feel a pain all over and collapse to the floor. My eyes have just focused back, now they lose it again. Drax tells me as I lay on the floor, ” just ride along with it, don’t fight it”. The pain gets so bad I pass out again. 
Maybe I need to toughen up instead of passing out all the time. 


   “You will be a new breed when you wake up. A stronger, faster and more intelligent being when you wake. Now sleep” Drax explains as I am laying the passed out again.