Once Luke and I was lost we came across a cave, and as it started to rain we went inside to shelter. We had been in there for a while when a big wolf came rushing in as if it was being chased. Suddenly a man came running in after and attacked the wolf. In the process I got bit by the wolf on my leg. Seconds later a dark figure zoomed through, I caught the glimpse of red eyes and fangs right before it sunk its fangs into my neck and grabbed the wolf zooming off. I sat in shock, unaware of my wounds. I blacked out.. When I woke I was in a lot of pain but the wound from the wolf had clear up. Luke was passed out with a gash across his face. It was from the wolf and not long after he changed as did I. I said to her “sorry to hear that” , scowling at me she replied ” why you sorry it’s not your fault.” She snapped. I felt hurt, why was she mad? She walked towards me and touched my wound. The idea of a real life vampire touching me sent goosebumps, the idea of the vampire being a girl sent me jumping. I raised an eyebrow she rolled her eyes and healed my wounds. ” What’s it like to be a vampire”? I asked her. “Lonely ” came a sad reply. As we started to talk I started to feel pain running through my body. She asked me “are you ok”? I started to scream, ” I’m burning up it feels like larva”. She looked at me and said ” you been bitten” panic rose up in me, I felt a sharp pain in my mouth, then a sharp jolt in my bones, my jaw and bones screamed in pain. I yelled in pain curling up in a shaking ball.   

   I felt my fangs bare out as I freaked out pacing back and forth. “I’m a vampire!” 

   Slowly the pain subsides and I try to move and with movement my joints start to crack. Painful as it was it didn’t bother me. I stood up and felt good in myself. Suddenly I had this hunger come over me. My new friend said “you need to feed, lets hunt” . Teeth a show and off , i try to keep up with her as she zooms through the woods dodging the trees at great speed. She bounces off a tree and up to a higher branch. I watch in awe and try to do the same. She grabs my arm and helps me to the top of the tree. I have this third sense, I sniff..blood.