Once I eventually wake up again feeling foolish, Drax is there sitting on a chair smoking and drinking a glass of red liquid. I slowly get up off the floor and see Drax. “Morning James “he says “how you feeling” I stand up and to be honest I feel great, thinking to myself. But then a sudden pain in my stomach which doubles me over. Drax explains that’s the hunger thirst. “Quickly drink this down” and he hands me a glass of red wine, well so I thought. It has an irony taste and it is thick and heavy in my mouth. Dam it, “it’s blood”, Drax laughs and says to me “welcome to your first day of being at the top of the food chain”.    I feel the pain subside and I feel amazing, healthy and strong. I feel like I could take on the would. Even though I have just drank the blood I still feel week. ” I don’t feel brilliant I feel week” I say to Drax. He explains it will take time as I am a new blood. Drax walks over to me and rips open his wrist and puts it up to my mouth. “drink” he demands in a stern voice. I slowly keep eye contact and drink from his wrist. WOW this rush hits me and I grab his arm tightly and drink like I never drank before. After five minutes it has made me feel like I am on a big rush. Drax pulls his arm away, well so he thought. I wasn’t going to let him. “James, James” with no response from me he punches me in the head, to force me to stop. I drop to the floor, blood smeared all round my mouth and low cheeks. I look up at Drax and snarl at him, like an angry animal ready to pounce on its prey. ” you need to take it easy James when you are just feeding. Don’t kill your food if you want to use it again”. I sadly nod like a naughty child. I now feel like I could take on the would and my strength feels amazing and I can hear all sorts of things, things I never heard before. Buzzing of a fly, the talking of people outside just to name a few things. “I will teach you how to hunt first” you need to feed regularly but if you are not going to feed from one regular blood slave you must kill your prey as they will change. 

   Drax looks at me as if you cross me I’ll kill you. With the recognition I back up and look around the room. I see a t- shirt on a chair which I put on. No I’m ready to go out. Drax orders me to wait until it is properly dark outside so you don’t get seen. We need the shadows to hide in when hunting. Do you think that when it comes to it you can kill your first human prey. Me being cocky nods and answers “without a doubt I say” but Drax just looks and smiles at me. 

Three hours pass by and Drax suddenly stands and says in a haunting voice “it’s time, are you ready for this”, I look up and stand next to him saying “born for it”. We both start to leave the building with a rush of excitement running through me we are off.