As I smelled the blood I turn my head and sense a person near by. I jump down from the tree and this hunger and animal instinct takes over me. My new friend follows me but at a small distance. I rush towards a small opening in the trees and see a man making a camp fire. I look at his worn out clothes and recognize him as the man chasing the wolf. I snarl and jump out of the clearing, without realizing it I turn to a werewolf and tackle him to the ground.   

   I snap my jaws at him, I form back to vampire and sink my fangs in his neck. His blood is flows through my mouth and then I feel it fill me with satisfaction. Once I am finished feeding on him I turn to my partner I crime and she is looking at me in shock. “What”? I say. 

   ” I have never known a vampire change back and forth to a wolf and vampire”. I look at her and I form my fangs back to look normal, my fur fades back into my skin. I zoomed back to the cave without another word, I felt her right on my heels.

   I stopped to a screech. Luke is just waking up. Luke rushes to his sister. ” Lucy, where you been”. I think now I know here name. Lucy says James is a ancient incubus, with this Luke looks scare but also happy as well. Lucy looks at me and says you can help us now we have you. ” what do you mean” I ask but he ignored me question. 


   Over the weeks I’ve been training with Lucy and Luke. Luke has been showing me moves how to fight when I form as a wolf. Lucy has been showing me the same thing but as a vampire. But none of them know how to control my forming. So in time I will learn about control of my forming. But for now I am to learn from a young boy who seems to know a lot about hunting as an animal (amazing) and a beautiful lady called Lucy on how to feed my blood thirst as a vampire. 

   Lucy tells me how powerful I will become. But I do not understand her, why do they always think that. One night, I was falling asleep when I heard hushed voices murmuring ahead. I crept closer and used my new hearing to hear their conversation. “The prophecy will come true, this boy will lead us to victory.”