Whilst swimming out in the sea at Bournemouth I suddenly felt an under current pull me under the water. I did manage to pull myself above the water luckily. As I got my composure I felt something brush past me. Stupid as I am I dived down to see what it was. All I could see was a something shiny glimmer, in the shadow of what looked like a tail. I generally thought it was a fish. So I ignored it and went back up.
The next time I went swimming, a current pulled me down and I couldn’t get back up. I saw the glimmer again, his time it swam to me. While I was under water I saw that this fish was actually a human, well so I thought. As it got close to me it was half fish and the top half was human, a female human. I swam backwards and as it grabbed me I tried to scream and all the air disappeared from my lungs. To my surprise “she” didn’t try to hurt me. She instead pulled me down, I panicked I was losing air! 


   I tried wriggling out, but her grip was tight on my trunks. After what seemed like seconds I thought, “So this is the end..” but instead right before I blacked out I saw a castle deep down below me. Soon after blacking out I woke in an empty room on a huge bed. I bolt up and there sitting at the end of the bed is the beautiful fish person. I look at her but she has legs?????

   ” I am on dry land, that’s why I have legs” she informs me. I look out the window, I see the sea, I see..a civilization of mermaids and mermans. I turn to her. “Is this a submarine?” She thinks for a moment. “Hmm..something like that, let me show you.” She helps me up and we walk out of the room. We come to a huge glass room with a door to the outside. “You stay close to me and you will breath just fine, but if you swim away you will drown”. Looking a little scared and shocked she opens the door to the outside before I have time to answer. I jump as I wait for water but instead it’s just air, I stare confused at her but she looks ahead and starts swimming, holding my arm dragging me along. Many whispers among the crowd. “Human.. what’s a human doing here?…huh?…who’s he?..” everyone stares but I look ahead at the clear water. We stop.