While the sun went down and I leave the building under Drax’s supervision and guidance I feel so excited. We walk up the Main Street side by side. As we walk I can smell and hear the humans blood pumping through their veins. Drax says “calm your thirst, even we are out in the open we must remain invisible”!    Drax starts to explain about being a vampire and drinking to survive in this society without being found out. “If you drink, you drink it all, no witnesses”. But….. I look at him as if what. “There is one or two places that humans go for money to feed us blood. But we only take a pint out of each person and never kill them”. 

   I ask him about what would happen if they spoke about it. Drax didn’t say anything he just ran his finger across his throat. “OK” I respond. I pass one homeless man begging by an old burnt out cafe. I sniff and think “man his blood smells sweet”. Drax crabs me by the arm and pulls me down an alley a few feet away from the beggar. Drax looks at me and his eyes turn orange and gold and shiny. His teeth start to show and his forehead becomes bumpy. I step back and get ready to fight Drax even though I know he could kill me. “Relax James, the beggar is your first kill”. I relax and breath deeply in relief. “I will draw the beggar away and while I stand near the alley way you come up behind him and drag him up here”. I look at Drax as I try and make it all sink in. “James….James, do you understand”. “Yes, let’s just do this” with that Drax walks off and now my adrenaline is pumping and I’m excited about it. The hunger is driving me crazy. I can hear Drax talking to the beggar, he is asking him if he would like to join him for a meal. The beggar sounds like he is agreeing and wants to join him. I set my self up and hide in the shadows. As Drax had said he stops by the entrance to the alley way and I slowly walk up behind the beggar. Placing my hand over his mouth I drag him down the alley way. He tries to scream but my hand muffles the sounds. Forcing him to his knees I look straight at him. 

   “Your eyes, there, there g-golden” 

   “Do it James, NOW” Drax commands. I bend down and sink my teeth into his neck with out thinking. The blood explodes into my mouth and it tastes like cold champagne but without the bubbles. Sucking hard the man shouts “help me, vampires, someone helllllp”. The beggar starts to flop and the blood starts to taste funny. Drax comes over and asks me to stop, “he’s dead the blood will taste like metal and dirt”. To my surprise Drax was write. I let go and watch him slump to the floor. I feel invincible from the inside. I want to do this again. Drax grabs my shoulder and tells me to dispose of the body. He will be over at the coffee shop over the road and he will wait for me there. I ask if he is going to help but Drax explains “a vampire must lean to dispose of his body count by himself” this is Drax law. 

   Picking up the body I feel that he is not heavy and sling him over my shoulders around my neck. I run to the end of the alley and come to a river. I put the guy in an old rag sheet that is covering some wood and wrap him in it. Placing rocks and bricks inside I toss him in the river. As I watch him sink fast I prey no one finds him near by. Rushing off to the end of the alley way I stop at the entrance and think. “I just killed a man”. This kind of saddens me but also doesn’t at the same time. Confusing thoughts rushing through my head. What to do. Stay and learn from Drax or go it my self. Drax sees me and stands up as if he knows what is going through my head. I suddenly hear his voice saying “don’t run, I’ll stop you. I can teach you to be a great vampire and hunt the evil vampires. We are the good vampires, we only kill to survive and not for sport”. I smile and walk over to him. Sitting down in the coffee he hands me a coffee and says to me “now the real training and fun begins. Are you ready for it”?