Short collaboration story from inkvite

Now we stopped swimming she lets go of my arm and immediately I feel like I need to get my breath. When she see my panic she grabs me again and it feels like I can breath. I smile and find if I open my mouth I don’t take in water. I say that I understand and nod to her.    

   She smiles back and we swim through the kingdom. We arrive at these golden gates that loom over the citizens. She says something and the gates open. Once we swim through the gates and I see that we are heading towards a huge castle like building. She tells me that we are going to see the King, her father. It still amazes me that I can hear and talk under water. I could get used to it. 


   We swim through the doors and we stop in front of a throne. The king swims up to me, his face stone like. He looks me up and down, circling around me. “Pah! He will not serve as a good king.” He turned around and I looked at her puzzled, she turned away pink faced. ” but he is the only one that has lasted this long with one of us father”. I looked at her and said “father”. She nodded ” yes, I need to chose a husband and legend says he will be a human and pass the tests”. No I start to get worried. I look at he as in ” what the hell”? 


   He fumed, talking to himself, pacing back and forth the long corridors. Finally he stopped and turned his heel to face me, only inches away. I gulped as he sniffed me then circled me. He poked, sniffed, and looked at me. The girl shifted nervously, I got nervous. The king looks at his daughter and says “he is to scrawny and he will not survive the test”! Now the mermaid looks angrily at her father and says ” you told me to choose, I chose now you dismiss it”. I step forward and ask if I have a say in what’s going on. The king and his servants take me away to a room before I finish my question.


   “Let go of me!” I panicked thinking they were taking me to a dungeon or something. They stared forward blankly, and threw me in my room, which was surprisingly beautiful. “How did I get here..?” I asked myself.