With waking up to the stupidity of some selfish person revving their car out side at 07:25 I feel I may not be going back to sleep. “Thanks very much”, I won’t write what I was really thinking. Once awake it means get your arse out of bed, so up I get and put on my running gear. You never know it could tire me out and I might be able to fall back to sleep….. who am I kidding. 

Whilst out running I can feel that it is trying to rain but just not getting there. Thinking to myself “hold off until I get home”. Out and about is none, only one or two people who look a state and appear to be returning home from the previous night out. I think I manage about 4-5 km on my run which isn’t to bad I think. 

After showering and having breakfast which consisted of strong kenko coffee and two slices of whole meal toast with pate and salami while watching the news. Dam the coffee is to strong even for me. 

Whilst it reaches lunch time I needed to get some food for tonight as I am working a night shift in security. I have decided to have courgette made into noddles, fried on a pan. With that I’ll be having chicken fried in a pan and spiced up a little. That should be enough looking at the amount I have. During the night it will be lots of ginkgo tea and coffee to keep me awake. At the moment I am getting ready to go back to bed. As I need my sleep. I won’t say beauty sleep as there ain’t enough time in the world for that. 
I will put some more up when I get ready for work and by the morning. Hope you start to read my writing. By the way if you notice mistakes be nice about it as I am not a professional writer. I am just trying something different. As time goes by I will put more things up and pictures as well.