DAY ONE-part 2,
Well I am at work now and so far it appears to of been a very quiet day. Let’s hope it stays that way.
Tonight I decided to walk to work and chill out walking and listen to music. Tonight on the way the clouds are so dark and grey. It looks like they could burst open any time now. The temperature is quite warm as well, I am working in a T-shirt and I am starting to sweat, nice.  Walking through town, I see a lot of people out for the night. Some people look like they have had enough already, walking all over the place and the way they were talking to their friends. To me being sober I find it funny seeing drunks. 
I do enjoy my job on security it is a busy but nice job. The team I work with are cracking. Phone calls for items lost, people parking in bad places and paper work, lots of it. 
Well I will see how the night goes and if anything fun happens I may let you lovely readers know. Please feel free to read and comment, but if you going to be nasty don’t leave horrible comments. In new to this. I hope everyone has a good night, evening or morning depending where you are. Stay safe readers. James signing out for now.