DAY ONE- last entry, 
Well like I thought it has been a quiet night over all so far, just another 5 hours left. Not to bad. 

Well I did a few patrols around the property and the grounds. Nothing untoward’s seen or found, that means less paper work for the log book. Plus it is quite spooky in places as you can hear the traffic speeding by, police sirens going. It has been a little nippy out while walking round with just a torch and a thin jacket. 
While out I did come across an Owl sitting on a fence hooting away to itself. There was a couple of , what looked like young foxes playing by the bushes. Can tell you they scare the hell out of me rustling around in the bushes. Plus I did see a young deer jumping around the place but I think I spooked it with my torch. 
Well we will see what the day will bring, if anything interesting happens I’ll let you readers know. If nothing happens I’ll still let you loyal readers know. It won’t be a morning for sleeping I think as I’m not working tomorrow night. 
I’ll bid you all a good night, sleep well and people be nice to someone, someone you don’t know maybe. You don’t know what’s happening to them in their life, so give someone a bit of patience. 

Not a great photo I know but this where I saw the young deer and foxes.