DAY 2,
I have decided to put a photo of something from my day every time I write my memoirs. It could be my dinner, where I am or something I’m watching. 
Well I finished work at 08:00 am this morning and from the last time I wrote we had a call out from someone. Apparently there is a drunk on site, but he wasn’t nasty he was a happy drunk. When we found him he was asleep in a bush. “YES” in a bush, across it. We woke him up and he stunk of booze and he had vomit down his top. The young man was very apologetic as he left the grounds and went home. This was about 05:20 am. Wonder how he is feeling today? 
Well at home and I go straight to bed. I had a few hours sleep until about 12:30 then struggled so bad to get out of bed. How lucky am I, my wife woke me up with a kiss and a big mug of coffee. After about ten minutes I got out bed and went and had breakfast. This consisted of three small slice brown toast, spinach, eggs, mushrooms and avocado. Bloody lovely! 
Once I had washed up and put the dishes away I helped, maybe hindered with the laundry and hung it out.  
I sat with my wife listening to music and music videos while she tidied the spare room and got stuff ready for UNI. Going to be wired dropping her off at the train station so she goes to UNI in another city again. I’ll have the whole day to myself. Oh dear what am I going to do.? 
At comes to 17:00 and it’s time to go to church and on the way back we decide to order a chicken kebab. Oh what a choice that was. I’m stuffed now. Few glasses of Buck’s Fizz and I feel bloated. I suppose I’ll have to go to the gym tomorrow morning to burn it off. There you go I’m already thinking what to do tomorrow. 
It’s 19:38 and I have to be up at 05:00 to get up and showered. I’ll probably make breakfast and coffee and wash after. Keeps me busy. 

Well I hope you liked reading this. Nothing exciting I’m afraid. Well loyal readers I bid you a good night and stay safe no matter what you are doing.