How it began,

 It all started when I went for a walk in the woods. I had heard stories of people going missing in the woods at night and never being seen again. One night I was bored so I decided to go for a walk in the woods after 2-3 glasses of Dutch courage. 

You can hear the wind whistling 

   The leaves are being blown around by the strong winds. The cool breeze hits my skin and I start to shiver. Suddenly I see what looks like a shadow run past me. I heard howling that sounds like it’s coming from every corner. As I turn with every howl coming from in front, to the left, right, behind and even above I stumble and fall face first to the ground. When I turn over I see in front of me something standing at least 8ft tall, panting like a dog, slobber dripping over me. All I can hear is his my heart beating like it is going to burst out of my chest. I stagger on all fours backwards but the beast is just standing there looking at me. I slow down as it looks like he is just looking and meaning me no harm. 

   As I stop the beast leaps forward from its hind legs and lands on top of me with all four paws either side of me. At the same time I start to scream. Nothing is happening, I open my eyes and the beast looks like a huge dog. He is just looking at me, there’s something about the way it is looking at me. Something not dangerous, something kind of friendly and recognisable in its eyes. I lay there fearing it’s still going to kill me but it starts to back away lifting itself back into its hind legs. As it is standing looking at me it tilts it’s head to the left and looks at me. 

   With him looking something flies over me and straight into the beast. I jump up and see that the beast is fighting what looks like a man, a bloody strong one as he throws the beast as it comes flying back my way. As the beast hits me we both hit the ground hard. Then the man comes running over to us both and the beast is growling like it is ready for a fight to the death. As I try to stand I feel a pain in my left shoulder. To my horror there are four claw marks in my shoulder ripped through my jacket and top. Pain is not the word. The man and beast continue to fight and with this my shoulder starts to burn so much I cry out in pain. As I cry out the man looks over at me and with his look I can see he has a demon looking face. Dam I think he has fangs, could this night get any freakier? The man punches the beast in the chest and it knocked it to the floor, with such a punch the beast yelps out and runs off. 

   Within a second the man has launched himself over to me grabbing me and tries to look at my shoulder. Being a big wimp I try to get away screaming “don’t kill me please”. The man hisses “stop moving and let me look at your wound”. With the shock I stop, mainly out of fear. ” you have the mark of a werewolf, your going to change” he says to me. I try and speak but nothing comes out. The man looks at me and tells me “I can stop this if you want me to help”. I just nod like a frightened little boy. With this nod he grabs my arm pulling it out straight, opening his mouth showing his teeth and then bites down on my left wrist. I scream out in immense pain. With his bite I start to feel like my arm is burning, them my shoulder. “My body feel like it is on fire” I scream out”. The man lets me drop to the floor as I role around in agony he says to me “ride through it, don’t fight it”. 

   I wake up in a bed in a strange room. I sit up and suddenly remember the wound on my shoulder. Looking at it I can’t find anything. Did I dream it? With that I look at my wrist. On my wrist is four puncher marks in my wrist that looks like teeth marks. But it doesn’t hurt, to be fair I feel really good. But the question remains “where the bloody hell am I “?