DAY 3, Like I mentioned the previous day I dropped of my wife at the train station and waved her off to UNI for the day. After watching her leave I went to Starbucks at the station and ordered a skinny cappuccino. Dam it was strong too, well I done its job and woke me up. 
On returning home I decided to go for a walk in to town and get myself some black combats for security work. I must of gone into about five shops to get some, could I find some? The hell I could. That was a waist of my valuable time. While I was looking for these combats, I must of seen about four drunks in the high street and one looked worse for wear. So with the failure of my search I decided to wonder back home. Half way home I saw an unmarked police car pull over a speeding car. Justice on the speeder. 
Whilst at home l decided to cook myself some food for tonight which consisted of chicken, rice and vegetables. Not long ate it and to be honest it was amazing. One I had done that I got myself a decaf coffee and went back to bed and watched a few films until I fell asleep. Next thing I know i am waking up and it is 17:00. Thinking to myself “dam it, my wife will need picking up from the station”. Jumping out of bed I rush to the station with five minutes to spare. 
It was great to see her coming from the platform. She laughed as she could see imprints on my face from were I had been asleep. She greeted me with a kiss and her saying “just woke up then”. When we got home I jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I have to be there for 19:30 tonight as I am nursing tonight. Hope fully it will be a quiet night. 
Has been quiet so far. No problems or arguments. Well not much happened today plus I need to get back to work now. So I’ll bid you good night. Stay safe and be nice to someone in you life.