DAY 4,

DAY 4,
Well I left work this morning around 08:00 give or take a few minutes. Upon leaving I felt quite hungry , so on the way home I decided to stop of at the local Sainsbury’s on the main road into town. I went straight for the bakery and to my disappointment they had no fresh loafs of bread. I really wanted a few slices of rye bead with pate and salami for breakfast. So looking around I decided on two big slices of pastry cheese twists and I got my wife two pecan slices, her favourite. 
Once home I found my wife up getting herself something to eat already. Walking in I said “morning, I wasn’t expecting you up already”, she responded ” I’m starving so I thought I’d get something to eat”. She had made herself three small slices of toast with cashew butter and jam. With my cheese twists I had a big glass of milk and then went and brushed my teeth. Once in bed it really didn’t take me long to fall asleep. Must of been around 08:40 or something like that. 
I wake to the sound of my wife being me coffee and whispering, good afternoon darling it’s 17:30 and I’ve brought you a coffee. The sound of that and the kiss she gave me set me up in a great happy mood. Who wouldn’t be?? Whilst I slowly wake up I look at my phone and see there has been about 25-30 people reading this blog. Thank you very much, please pass it on. There is a great smell in the air, my wife has cooked something good. Grabbing my coffee I head down stairs to where my wife has cooked a beef stir fry and instead of noodles she has made a courgette into noodles, think it’s called zoodles? My wife had dished some up for me to take to work and also some baked beans with cheese on top. My wife is amazing. 
It’s hit 19:00 and it’s time to leave for work now, sadly. On the way it be be a drive slowly day because nearly all drivers are going that extra slowly. A journey that usually take me only 10 minutes took me 20 minutes to get to work. I look in my work bag and go and put my food in the staff fridge and make myself a ginkgo tea for hand over. Hand over is boring but important so I’d better listen. 
As usual I managed to upset one or two patients at the start of the shift. But that soon changes and they settle down. I decided to have my food at about 23:40 as I’m bored and hungry and the patients are fast asleep. I have also brought another book in tonight. It’s a teenage fiction book but an easy read. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed this read. Don’t forget it’s not an exciting life I lead but I am truly grateful for what I have got. 
Don’t forget people, Do something nice for someone. You never know you might find some will do the same for you one time. Smile , just because you can. Good night readers and I’ll post some more things tomorrow. Oh yes apologies for not putting a photo up on yesterday’s writing. It will not happen again.