DAY 4,
Good evening readers, sorry for not posting anything but to be fair I didn’t do anything, I stayed in bed. So today I done a little more that the other day. 
This morning I think I must of got up about 09:30 and could I get out of bed? No I couldn’t I was knackered. I laid there for about another 30 minutes and decided to get breakfast and a coffee. For breakfast I had two small pieces of toast with avocado, egg and spinach. It tasted good if I don’t mind saying. 
After this I went back to bed and watched a few episodes of Blind Spot. This is about a woman with no memory and her body is full of tattoos and she don’t know how it happened. She is sent to an FBI agent. The thing with the tattoos is they are all hints to crimes that will happen. She starts to go out into the field with the FBI team. 
After that I had a nurse call me about recent blood test I had and apparently my cholesterol is a little high. No it is time to change my diet. No more fried food, cut down on dairy and some fats. To be honest I don’t have that much fried food, I think it’s mainly the dairy such as cheese and milk. Who knows. 
It came to 17:00 and it was time for me to get ready for kickboxing. It should take me about 15 minutes to get there but unfortunately it took me 40 minutes as traffic was horrendous. I got there with just enough time to get changed and mind set. Tonight we did a lot of pad work and combination. I was with the new guy and I had to teach him to take it slowly and not to worry about the more experienced members. Get the moves and work on the technic first. The guy did really well as he had never done anything like this before. 

I am at home chilling now waiting for my wife to finish work to pick her up. Then when we get back I think it maybe a few more episodes of Blind Spot. Tomorrow as well I’m going for another blood test at my GP surgery. Plus I am at work for a while tomorrow as well. 
Well readers I hope you are all well and I hope we are all trying to get on with others. Stay positive in you mind and walk away from mindless confrontation. Try just smiling for the day and be nice. I’ll bid you good night or good evening where every you are.