DAY 5,
Good day fellow readers, I hope you are all well. I am at work tonight and working very hard as usual ( truth, honestly). What is everyone doing for the weekend? Me , I’m working all weekend. 
Well not a lot has happened today. I lead a boring life don’t I ? I got my self out of bed this morning for 08:45 so I could be at my GP surgery for 09:35 to have my repeat bloods done. I went and saw the nurse there and she was really good, as I can be difficult to get blood from. This nurse got it first time, so I was impressed. She told me my cholesterol was 5.8 so it is a little high. Now my diet has to change. 
When I got home I went back to bed for a while and watched Kung-fu panda 3. Love that film; once that was over I went for a run in the park and I managed two laps, think it’s the equivalent of 5 km give or take. Not to bad a run, the only thing was it was a little cold today so I had to wear tracksuit bottoms instead of shorts. Once I was home I showered off and got dressed, plus I had to go shopping( boo). 
We went shopping in Morrisons for a change. I had to get some veg for my food for work that night. Some very good deals there too. I brought myself some cheese twist for the last time. I also brought myself a magazine about writing, it gives you competitions and guidance on writing, plus lots more. 
Around 14:35 I went back to bed and fell asleep until 17:00 and woke fully refreshed, I lie. I felt so tired when I woke up. I felt like crying. Getting ready and walking like a zombie I made us both coffee and took two Pro plus. Took a while to kick in but I felt it. Work was fine apart from a few bloody lazy staff. Can’t stand lazy staff, it does my head in. If you don’t want to be there why not ring in sick or don’t book a shift. Don’t bloody come to work and ignore what needs to be done. Stupid. 
Well as I said I’m working tomorrow so there is not going to be a lot to say tomorrow, but we will see. Well my fellow readers I hope you have a pleasant weekend. Please feel free to let me know what you are up to and maybe I can put that in my writing. Well I will bid you good night , or good day depending on where you are in the world. Remember try to be nice, no matter how hard it may be as it will be paid forward and come back on you stronger.