DAY 6, 
Well it was a truly uneventful night last night I must say. Patient were all in bed by 23:00 and I just sat by the bedrooms for the next 8 hours. Not exciting I can tell you. I did a few patient notes and made staff a few drinks and had a break at about midnight. 
When i finished in the morning I went straight to bed. I was way beyond tired at this point. I finally settled in bed at about 09:00 and my head felt like it was racing. That’s never a good thing when you want to sleep. Next thing I know my alarm is going off and it was 17:00. I couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed but I knew I had to get up and make some food for work. 
In the kitchen I put the radio on and made myself a coffee, a bloody strong one at that ☕️. I had some chicken left over from the day before so I threw a salad together, no dressing on the salad. And I also made a carrot and couchette into noodles and with that I had two hard boiled eggs mashed in. Bloody lovely. 
Well as I am righting I am on my break and I have just had my veg noodles, yes they were outstanding if I don’t mind saying. I have sat at work tonight and watched the staff I am with. It amazes me how many moan about getting asked to do things for patients. Why the hell come here then? Some people still amaze me on how lazy or bone idle they can be. 
Well I must apologise as I have no photos to put up tonight. SORRY. I didn’t have time to have something relevant to my day I afraid. I will try harder tomorrow as I may be walking to work tomorrow evening. So I will see what I come across. Hope that the one who messaged me about what they are doing has a nice time seeing friends and family. Plus good luck with you 20 odd cats 🐱. Thank you to all those lovely people out there that read what I write. Please keep reading as it inspires me to write more and in turn it will get me to improve on my writing as well. Just want to say Thank You for reading and please carry on. Respect to you all. Remember be nice to some one, friend, family, work colleagues or just a stranger. It will come back to you. 
I’ll bid you good night now as it is 00:20 here where I live. Dark and not so cold outside. I’ll see you all tomorrow, stay safe people.