DAY 7, 
Well as I thought 💭 last night was extremely quiet and we finished work on time. When I got home I went straight to bed for a change but there was one problem. My head was racing with all sort of stupid, unnecessary things so to battle this I took a quarter or a tablet to help me sleep. 
Thanks to some selfish git outside I only managed to sleep until 14:30 as they were playing noisy music with to much bass. Thanks very much. So with that I got up and decided to make myself a decaf coffee ☕️ just invade I doze off again. With being awake I decided to watch some more Blind Spot. Oooooo it’s getting really good at the minute. 

I have decided to walk to work tonight as it is mild outside but there is still a little nip in the air. The time is 18:15 and my wife has decided to join me on the walk to work. She isn’t working she has the night off luck sod, to be fair she is at UNI all day tomorrow. So on the way it is actually really busy on the streets onwards town. We have to walk through town so I can get to work. We pop into a new Starbucks for a coffee but they shut the coffee machine down 20 minutes before hand to clean it. Don’t understand why they did that when they ate still open. Never mind. 
As we walk to work we decide to take a short cut through a church grounds and it sounds nice. We can hear people singing in the church. It has taken us nearly 45 minutes to walk to work from where we live. Which isn’t to bad, it was a steady pace too. 

Whilst at work it has been very quiet and no incidents have happened. I have decided to take some time that is owed to me so I will be finishing very early. Because I have walked a staff member has offered to give me a lift to my house 🏡 in their break. I am very grateful for the offer. So I should be getting home around 05:00 😁. 
I’m not sure I will sleep as not long after I get home my wife will be heading out to UNI and I may join her for a walk to the station to say goodbye. 
Well people I want to say a huge, massive thank you for reading my post and getting me a blog of the week. Many many thanks. Please carry on with supporting. I one day want to get some work printed in a book 📚 and maybe write a column for a paper. That be my ideal job. Any way once again many thanks.