DAY 8,
Well I managed to finish work at 04:30 this morning with time owing and last break. So I got home around 04:40 give or take. I got home and my wife was fast asleep and I got into bed without waking her, bonus. She had set the alarm for 06:00 and woke around this time. I took her to the station for around 07:20 and waved her off goodbye😢. 
Well this morning, I went for a walk as there was no way I was going to sleep. My head was racing and I didn’t want to take something for helping me sleep. I played on my phone for a while and then the morning alarm went off and dam that alarm scared the shit out of me. 
After dropping my wife off I went for a walk in the local park. It does look nice and it is a shame that more demolished sights don’t turn it into a playground??? But hey who am I to say that. 
I had to book my car 🚗 in to fix the head lights as it is easy to change the bulb but it’s the realigning the lights. But we will see today. 
I am also waiting to hear if I have an interview for a new job within the place I am working. 

On the early hours of the morning on the way home in the market square. Suns just coming up and it is blinding in places. 

This is the park where I went for a walk and run around for the morning. I still could not sleep so I lay there trying to chill. So I go down stairs and watch a bit of recorded TV 📺. 

As I went for a walk I went round another park and it makes me think of living in the country side. 

This looks beautiful and it is so relaxing just to walk around. Shame on building companies. Why not turn a building site into a park or a walk way with trees and bushes with lighting. 
Any way I may try and put something else for later. Work has just called me and I have a security shifty for tomorrow day time. I will finish around 17;00 and go straight to kickboxing. Will be fun tomorrow evening then. 
Remember people, be nice to someone, whether it be a stranger or a friend. Relax in the face of confrontation and smile. I will bid you good day and I’ll chat soon. Take care and be nice and relax.