After this weekend of eating and drinking crap I need to get my act together. So I have decided to hit the meal replacements for three days. 
I’m not just picking any rubbish. I have looked into some different types of meal replacements and decided on Almased. 
It costs about £21 for a tub of about 500g and you make it by mixing about 300 MLS soya milk 🍼, 10g oil such as olive, rapeseed or flaxseed and then 50g of the powder. You will find blending it is best. 

I will have this for two to three days then replace one shake with a health meal for 4-7 days. In between this I will be doing some cardio and using weights at the gym. And the odd kickboxing class too. 

I have also downloaded Adrian James app to tighten and strengthen my core as well. But I need to get focused on doing this as from Monday morning. I will put updates on how it is going on weight and sizes and how it is going on the cardio front. 

Until tomorrow night after I come home from the gym I’ll log in and report on how it has gone.