Well I said I was going to change my eating habits. I originally was going to have Almased three times a day for three days.
It was difficult but DAY was was a walk in the park, kind of. 
DAY two was a little bit harder as people kept bringing in Christmas treats into the office but I only had one or two things. 

The one good thing that came out of this is I got my arse in gear at the gym. Been killing the cardio and fat burning with weights. Fell the burn by the morning, love it. Keeping the kickboxing going too , plus at work I walk about outside for most of the day. 

I get to walk around and see scenery like this on my patrols. Seeing wildlife in peace and silence. 
Well I’ll keep up the cardio and weights. 
Remember people it’s is the season of good will, try to be tolerant of those angry scrooges out there. There may be something underlying we can’t see. Be nice and smile at every opportunity you can.