DAY 15, 
Well what a busy day I had. We had a load of new recruits starting and having their induction for the week. That means lots of ID’s for new staff, must of been about 50 staff. 
Some people thought as well it would be a good day to kick off within where I work and in the community covering my work area. Not good. It doesn’t help when the other staff don’t give the full story of what goes on. 

On patrol this this morning I am greeted with the scenery above. Cold, wet but beautiful sun rise in the morning. This is one reason why I love winter. The beautiful colours or red, yellow, brown and black in The greenery of woodlands. 
It feels cold and biting cold to the skin but not to cold with a reflective jacket and woolly hat 🎩. 
Some of the scenery is , look bellow 

Misty and wet grounds, with dying trees 🌲 and cut back branches and trees looking like they are dying. 
It is a beautiful but sad time of year with colourful time of year. 
There is nothing better than being in the bitter cold and getting back into the warmth. 
Well remember people stay safe people. Be aware of how cold it could be when you are out and how quick the weather could change. Stay safe people and remember check on the elderly as they will feel the cold more than you and I.