Not to long ago I went for a photo shoot in London. I have never done one before and I can honestly say I truly enjoyed it. Over all it took about 4 hours with choosing outfits that were laid out for me. Having make up put on me as I had a shiny face and head 😂. 
After doing that I thought that I would love to do this in my spare time and then make a career out of it. I now know that with my features it is not easy to get in too. The agencies are looking for a particular look as usual. 
Tall, slim, cheek bones and a six pack. Well to be honest that ain’t me 😞 yet. I mean the slim and six pack yet. 

Below you see the sort of outfits that I think would look good on me in a shoot. We see plain but thick smart jumpers worn with a plain shirt 👚 and also without a shirt. Both look good. A thick grey cardigan (which I do have myself). Also a thick brown half coat which falls just below the waist. 

Also below we see three pictures of men wearing winter clothes. Brown/ tan chinos worn with a red jumper finished off with a white stripe. To tie this off he is wearing a heavy grey coat which makes this all look smart. 

The third picture is a white shirt 👚 with purple stripes. Wearing a casual beige waistcoat done up with only one button. Finished off with a woollen jacket matching with a grey hat 🎩 and scarf. 
Finally a copper colour chinos with a grey knitted jumper with a below the waist jacket finished off with a scarf. 

These are just a few outfits I like and would like to try in a shoot myself. 
It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t make a full time career but I would like to give it my all on that. Maybe for a catalogue, Primark, Next or any other clothing company. 

Well people I hope you like what I have written. This time of year people need to be kind and tolerant of others. Be nice to others and try to smile when facing difficult times with others. There are always people less off the you. Spread a good deed and pay it forward.