I have chosen a few aftershaves I personally like and smells that don’t cost a lot of money compared to some well known aftershaves. 
First of is FERRARI RED, this is sold in a brilliant red bottle and it is an eye catcher. The smell is masculine but sweet, it gets the attention when you wear it. The only down side to this after shave is that the aroma doesn’t last very long. You can look around and find it for the price of about £20. But all in all not a bad buy. 

The second after shave is by Jamie Redknapp and called Elite gentleman Untailored. This a pleasant sweet smell and does last for a while. Jamie has done well with this one. It last for a while when used and is also cheap to buy. It is sold by Avon and is one of 3 after shaves made by Jamie Redknapp for Avon. It retails at about £8. 

Third is one of the three aftershaves made by Jamie Redknapp for Avon. This is also a sweet but not as much as the one above. It is sold obviously by Avon and retails for £8 roughly. This is one of my favourite smells. It does also last for a while better than the others. 

Lastly is an old one and usually people relate this to old men. It is Brute Sport Style. It is a good aftershave and smells great, sweet but strong and does last for a while. I have had good reports from friends on it smelling nice. You can buy this in places like Bodyshop or on Amazon and could sell for about £6. 

These are just my personal choices. And I do like to a cheap but nice smell. I do know that there are lots more better aftershaves out there but this is my choice.