Hello to my readers 👨‍🏫 how are you all. Again today I have been browsing through the Internet looking for pictures on men’s Accessories. So today I have chosen three different men’s hats 🎩. 
These are not my pictures but I saved them off the Internet. I think I should really start taking my own pictures. The only thing is cameras 🎥 are a little pricey. 

Picture from Ali express
Here we have a classic what I call a grandad hat. When I was a child, we always associated it with old men in their 60’s. Nowadays it is worn by all generations in today’s society. 
It is mainly in my opinion worn with casual wear, such as a light coloured top such as cream or ivory with maybe a trim of black. Jeans 👖 of black or a faded design and finished off with converse shoes 👠 or leather boots but not black. Maybe tan or brown. 
This particular one in the photo is from Aliexpress.com and is from the Spring and Autumn collection unisex. This could cost as little as $6.49. 

Picture from villagehatsshop.com
We all know who this is in the photo, he needs no introduction. The style of hat 🎩 he is wearing is known as Fedora and is a half smart to casual style of hat. This type of is good with, as we can see a white or grey shirt 👚 with no tie. And with that wear a dark suit or a grey colour too. 
In my opinion this is mainly a smart wear and is one of those hats that suited one or two people out of ten. Myself it does not suit and I actually could never suit it. This particular one is sold by villagehatshop.com and be brought for about £40 give or take. 

Picture by hatsandcaps 
This is one of my favourite hats and truthfully in my opinion it is mainly of smart wear. When I was a child it was mainly stereotyped with office workers in the big cities like London. When they used to wear the dark suits with whites suites and the bowler was black as well. 
This particular hat 🎩 is as we can see it is brown and would go well with a dark brown suit with and a bold coloured shirt 👚 with a tie. Personally I cannot see this style of hat being worn with casual wear. 

This particular hat is sold by hatsandcaps.co.uk and could set you back a little as £22.95
This is only a short opinion on men’s fashion accessories. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you would like to read about.