This morning after a night of feeling rough and possibly a virus or bug I woke up with what appeared to be a temperature, and a little sweaty. It wasn’t a hot night and plus I had a few windows open in the bedroom and feeling that cool breeze blowing around now and again. How great does it feel when you are laying on the top of the quilt with the windows open and every now and again you feel that cool to cold breeze brushing over you skin which appears to have such a powerful cooling effect when you feel warm. The trouble with having a virus/bug is that I don’t sleep to well and being awake at 04:54 am , I know its early but once awake I am awake. 

In the kitchen filling the water filter for the kettle to make coffee I can hear some squealing in the garden, I unlock the back door and go outside and see two cats squaring off with each other, fur standing up on their backs, moving round each other. Reaching to my left I grab my hose and turn on the tap and spray around the garden but not aiming at the cats but at the plants and bushes near by. This was enough to spook the cats and they run off in opposite directions to one another. So going back into the kitchen I stupidly trip over stubbing my toe and end up on my hands and knees. A few choice words were said at this point. Making a coffee and using the last few pieces of crusty bread , I make eggy bread with melted cheese on top mmmm. But for me the eggy bread with cheese has to be a little bit well done on top. but then maybe a little bit of brown sauce on a couple of them. 

Deciding to head off into town for a coffee and a little bit of people watching, walking up the street, I feel that cool breeze from earlier when I was in bed. The sun is beating down but it not to hot and the cool breeze makes it bearable as I am wear jeans and a baggy white T-shirt. Heading into town I aim straight for Costa Coffee and order a medium Latte with an extra shot which costs about £3.10, give or take. Sitting by the window sipping on my coffee, why is it they always make it extra hot? I watch people walking by and watch what they are doing their expressions and their body language. There is one man who appears to be dressed in dirty jeans, trainers which are scruffy and have a few holes with a ripped hoody, he has a can of beer in his hand and it appears by the way he walks that he has been drinking all night. Meeting up with what appears to be his friends and he looks happy to see them, but you can actually hear then talk, I use the word talk loosely, more shouting and swearing. There is one woman dressed smartly in a knee length grey skirt with a black blouse/shirt, and a matching grey jacket. She is sparking up a cigarette and learning her head to the left while holding a mobile phone between her shoulder and ear. After a few minutes from her body language the phone call don’t look so good. She is smoking her fag/cigarette with quick drags on it, every now and again she is tamping her foot and sometimes you can hear her swear.

The next thing made me feel like humanity is still alive in places. There was a homeless man sitting near the coffee shop , not hassling anyone. Then about two lads and one girl start heckling him and flicking sweets at him. he doesn’t get angry he just asks for them to leave him alone. One of the lads steps up to him and gets in his face swearing at him and still he does nothing. As I stand up, I hate bullies by the way. I head out the door and walk up to the lads and as I get there one woman starts having a dig at the boys and girl. They start mouthing off at her and then a man and myself step up and tell the boys to F off . The man who isn’t that big or intimidating looking steps into the ring leaders face and I step the bullies side looking at him. Believe me I am no tough guy. The bullies friend step back very quickly, The man that stepped up to the bully looks at me and I nod at him with a smile, as if to tell him I got you. The boy backs off quite quickly as the man tells him what will happen if he carries on, as he walks off he gets mouthy and making threats which actually makes the three of us laugh. The lady goes into Costa and gets a coffee and a pastry and gives it to the homeless man. Humanity restored. 

Going back into the coffee shop I finish off my coffee and think why are some people such D*#ks to one another. But at least there are a few decent people out there. After finishing my coffee I head off home but walk through town doing a little window shopping. Just looking at clothes and things I don not actually need, but I think I could do with that but actually don’t need it. Why do people do that, as in buy things we don’t need. 

Unfortunately In the afternoon I didn’t do much walking around has drained me after having a virus/bug. So I laid on the sofa and put on Netflix but I did not watch much as I fell asleep, lol . How old do I feel having an afternoon nap after a small walk for the morning. I woke up and cooked myself some food chicken, rice and spicy salami. weird combination I know but it tastes dam good. 

Well I am done for today, as I said there has not been a lot going on today and some days there is nothing much going on but then some days there is a lot going on but nothing to exciting. but I will try and jot it down in a daily diary like this.