Well it is Sunday today and it appears I woke at about 08:00 hrs this morning, the sun is beating in through the window but there is also a nice little breeze flowing into the room as well. Instead of laying in this morning, I decide to go for a shower and head down stairs for a coffee and breakfast. I did decide straight away on what to have for breakfast, which is different for me as usually I can’t decide straight away. In my ultimate wisdom I decided to have a sausage sandwich, with brown sauce.  this consisted of three sausages, gluten-free bread and a small amount of butter on the bread and to top it off I had a strong cup of coffee. 

Getting my bag a wallet together I head out the door and wow the glare from the sun hits me and the heat is awesome but I do need to go and change from wearing jeans and a thin long-sleeved top to shorts and a T-shirt. Heading back out I walk a different route into town for a change, just a little longer but nothing exciting really. Surprisingly for a Sunday morning around 10:30 there is a lot of cars on the road, especially the closer to town you get, then I realise it is pay-day weekend and the last day before the kids go back to school from summer holiday. The close I get to town as I walk the more and more I see lots of families walking around in this heat and it also looks like a few have packed a bag ready for a picnic in one of the local parks. Heading more in to the town centre I head for my favourite coffee-house, Costa. Today I ordered a medium Latte with an extra shot and for a change they did not make it to hot to drink straight away.

Around town there are a few different types of people out, you have the families that are out doing their own thing and bothering no one. You have the ones that are out that let their kids run riot, screaming and shouting and running into people and not caring one little bit. Some times you can hear one or both of the parents scream at their kids and belittle them and scolding them in public. Then you have the teenagers that hang around in groups swearing and acting like idiots, but not talking but shouting at each other, so everyone can hear what they are saying from about 20 feet away. Then you have the ordinary nice people who don’t barge into you or course trouble, they are the ones that are just out in town and doing what they need to do and minding their own business. To be honest I don not know why I came into town as I do not need anything, maybe I board of being off work this weekend.

I have decided to head of to the nearest park and wander around there for a while as I head home. The park and playing field is full of kids playing football, couples sitting in the sun having picnics and families playing with their kids at the swings and slides. As I wonder around I think to my self thinking that I miss the going to the park with a family and having fun, messing around and getting away with acting like a kid with your own children. One day I will get this I’m pretty sure of that. I walk around a big pond where I can see the swans swimming around and the ducks looking for food to eat as some people are feeding the ducks and geese at the pond. The funny thing is I have just seen a little yappy dog go up to one of the geese and start barking at it, the geese flap their wings and chase the little dog. The little brave dogs turns and runs while yelping, it just tickled me.

Once home I decided to go and have a nap as the walk which did take a few hours has taken it out of me, that’s what happens when get a bug and end up throwing up a lot. When I woke up again I am actually starving, It is actually about 14:25 when I wake up and I have got into the habit of eating little and often. I eat roughly every two to three hours but it is usually something healthy, well most of the time. I had mad myself a chicken, ham, cheese and salami sandwich. Whilst I sit on the sofa I decide that I am going to watch the box set of DVD’s Underworld and stupidly have a beer or two maybe. Have not just sat at home chilled and had a beer. Probably going to have a can or two of Stella Artois. 

Well right now it is 19:03 and I am watching the 3rd DVD underworld The rise of the Lycans, so what I am going to do is bid you all a good evening and hope you are all well. I will try to get back on tomorrow afternoon to evening.