Good day to you all, how is everyone on this lovely day? I did not post yesterday as I was actually feeling very drained, truthfully I think it was because I had been to the gym but did not eat enough. More out going calories than what I had coming in. I now know I have to start eating much more calories to take in this month as I have signed up for something called Race Your Own Pace ,and I have to cover 200 miles this month. Plus I have kickboxing once a week and the gym as well, so more food needed. So today I have eaten something reasonably health every couple of hours (2-3).

This morning I was up at about 07:30 and could not be bothered to get out of bed, lazy or just tired? Well not long after I got up and showered and decided to make scrambled egg with ham and spicy sausage, dam it tasted good. Today had to be food shopping so needed to get a few necessities like different fresh meats, milk and gluten free bread and wraps, love the sweet potato wraps. Plus a few other things like real crusty bread, nothing better than a slice or two or real crusty bread and butter. The thing I find when I go shopping in a supermarket is the people become savages with no manners what so ever. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this, it becomes a place where people lose their morals and understanding. For instance when I got there I collected my trolley I walked to the lift to go to the ground floor and as I got to the lift the woman closed the lift door on me and went down, the thing is I was only a couple of feet away? While wondering around I find people of and older generation would block the isles with their trollies so you cannot get past. When you say ‘excuse me, can I get past’? they just luck at you and carry on. So I had to move one of the trollies and when I did, Oh dear it was like I tried to steal he hand bag, she even swore at me, which actually made me laugh, so I just uttered one word ‘Idiot’ and walked off.

Once home and unpacked I decided it is time for a hair cut so off to my local barbers which costs me about £7.00, which is cheap I think. I get my usual which is the clippers with no guard and shave it all off, luckily it only takes about 3-4 minutes. Plus then she goes over my head with smaller clippers and makes it a closer cut with no odd strands. The only thing with having my hair this short is that you can feel the sun so much more on the head and it feels like my head is burning now, I know , why did I not wear a hat?

I had all good intentions of going to the gym this morning, I made myself a sandwich with chilli sausages, dam good too. The silly thing is after I ate the sandwich and watched Jumanji with Kevin Heart I fell asleep for an hour or two and woke about 14:00 ish. So without thinking about it I got my arse off the sofa and got changed into my gym kit, I nearly wear MyProtien gym wear. So as I leave the house I set my apple watch to walk counter and go for a forty minute walk before hitting the gym, then set my watch to general workout. While at the gym I decided to do some running, interval running as I find constant running so bloody boring, so I did 5 minutes running at a speed of  11, then walking for 1 minute to try and work on recovery time. after about 40 minutes id had enough as being bored of running so I decided to do some weights in the gym. I started an incline bench press of 80kg with four sets of 12 reps at a slow pace. I moved on to bicep curls 27.7kg , 12 reps at 4 sets, and moved on to do some core work which consisted of 16kg kettlebell, laying on my back raising the kettlebell above my head, then raising my shoulders off the ground working the top part of my stomach. Once this was done I went to attempt shoulder press at 30kg each side and did 11 reps at 4 sets done slowly. Next was lateral pull downs set at 150 and only managed 9 reps but 4 sets and again slowly. Finishing on leg extensions set at 38.5 kg each leg at 7 reps each and 4 sets. this killed me in the end so now it is time to walk home but take it the long way round. This took me about 40 minutes to get home and showered. 

In the evening I got food ready for work tomorrow, I work 07:00 until 19:00, bloody long day I know. I made for one meal chicken salad with lemon juice, but made to much so I got enough for the next day. I also have made a pork tikka masala with egg noodles, enough for two days.

Well it is 21:11 here and I need to get finished for work tomorrow morning, plus I am watching Iron Man 3 on Netflix too. I am actually feeling the burn from the gym today but I do like that muscle burn you get from working out. Well take care everyone, stay safe and do not get angry at idiots that are about, just walk away.