Good Day to you all, well I have had a busy few days at work, just little bits coming along all at once and when you down staff it gets just a little busy but we all got through it. Cannot really talk about work on here so I will move on to something different. 

Well today is my first of three days off and today I am taking it easy at the minute, well kind of. I was totally awake by 06:30 and felt like I had slept for two days. But once I was awake I went and had breakfast, my usual drink of strong coffee with milk and then instead of food I made a shake instead. It consisted of 3 heaped spoons of Greek yoghurt, handful of Blueberries, handful of Raspberries, 1 Banana, 1 large Orange, 250mls Soya milk and ice to make it cold. It was tasty as well. I decided to watch Iron Man 2 while I had breakfast and look through my Instagram and Facebook accounts. When it came to about 08:40 ish I got changed in to my gym gear and headed off to my local gym. But I did my usual thing of walking at a fast pace around the town before hitting the gym, I did stop off at my favourite coffee shop (costa) for a medium Latte with an extra shot to make it stronger.

As I get to the gym I change my T-shirt and go straight to the cardio area and do something called 9 holes, it consists of  setting your weight and level which I always set at the highest level and this lasts for about 14 minutes. Whilst this goes on the treadmill goes up and down at different angles. Once this was done I started to do flat jogging at an average speed of about 10.5 for about 8 minutes then a walk for 60 seconds then repeat the run then 60 second walk again, I did this for about 40 minutes which is roughly when I got bored of cardio. I then went and did some lateral pull downs, over head pulls with a dumbbell, bench presses, seated rows and bicep curls. Once I completed this  I had a 30 minutes walk home to finish off. Once I got home I decided to have a shower and then a nap for a short while.

I noticed on the way round to the gym that, how clear the rounds and streets were now the kids are back at school. There was hardly any young folk in town, mainly people going to a forth to work and home. People in a rush and people ambling along like they are in no hurry to get anywhere fast. People in suits and smart wear looking like they off to work in an office of some type. There are some people in gym wear, some jogging through the streets, looking all red faced, some with big bags draped over their shoulder looking like they are on the way to the gym or on way back. I come across a few homeless people sleeping in shop doorways and in alleys ways, and one or two of them are wondering/ staggering around and very red faced and to smelling to great, slurring their words as they talk to each other.

 Well after my nap, yes I feel old saying that, I make myself some food which was a chilli sausage sandwich and a big glass of squash with ice. Now I am just waiting for it to hit 19:15 then I will be walking to kickboxing session, where I may be teaching it or be partaking in the session. who knows. But I do like Kickboxing it gets you physically fit and focuses on you mental alinement. 

Time to have dinner so I will bid you a good day and hope you are all fine and I should be posting something tomorrow if I don not get to busy (joke), I will be hitting the gym in the morning I think so take care everyone.