Good afternoon it is roughly 13:30 here in the UK  and the weather is, excuse language, crap here at the moment, raining enough but not to much. So I have not been able to go out for a run round my local park, or a long walk to the gym, so all I can do is watch movies, dam what a life . 

So last night I did go kickboxing with my instructor and had a lesson on how to use pads in a productive way. I learnt how to brake down the moves on a 6 count combination which consisted of Jab, Cross, Hook, block with the hook then, hook, hook, cross. For some reason I had trouble getting this combination, yes it is easy enough but then my instructor mentioned about fluid motion and demonstrated this. After a few attempts it sunk in to my muscle memory. During the session I took the warm ups which seem to of gone well and the warm downs. Apart from the combination I struggled with I demonstrated the six pinch combination which is Jab, Cross, Upper cut, Upper cut, Hook, hook. Then once the students got this we did a burn out of lead leg front kick then a cross then over head hook. After the session, myself and the instructor spoke about the way the session had gone and yes he was impressed even though it had been difficult for me. Giving me an ego boost. 

This Morning I woke up due to a night mare at about 05:50, which was not scary but it gave me a fright. I dreamt that I was laying in bed, suddenly the quilt became tight over me, as I thought I opened my eyes I could not speak or call for help. I looked to my left and then my mattress with me on it started to float around the room and all I could hear was laughing coming all around. Then the mattress landed back on my bed and to my left was a woman standing by my bed, she spoke a weird language but I seemed to understand her. When I tried to speak nothing would come out of my mouth but she responded to what I was trying to say. Then I had a pain in my head and the mattress flew around the room again and I was paralysed physically and verbally but I was talking to this woman. As the mattress landed I managed to turn to my left and it appeared to by my Gran but she was shouting at me in some strange language but I understood her, the only thing is I could not remember what it was she said. Weird I know but do not judge me.

Well after that stupid dream I decided to watch a movie to relax me and watched Shrek 2 and the next thing I know I am waking up in bed and it is 08:45 ish and felt like I had slept for ages but woke up stiff in all my joints and my throat was so sore. I am putting that down to a virus lol.

This morning I got up and shored and headed straight into town and went to costa for a medium cappuccino with an extra shot and a ham and cheese panini . Once I had this I went for a walk around town and got two DVD’s one called Red Sparrow, not as good as I thought it would be, also Alien Code which was not to bad really, gets you thinking.

I really don’t have much more to report at the minute, Little bit of a boring life I have at the minute but it is relaxing and I do what I want when I want . Just miss that closeness of falling asleep holding on to that special person. Waking up next to that special person for now. Hoping that will change soon. Thinking of going for a run later if the weather holds off but it does not look like it for now. Any way I will be back later, hope everyone has a great weekend and take care people. Thanks for reading my Ordinary Life.