Good Afternoon everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you have had a great weekend. Mine was actually very quiet indeed, but that just suited me just fine. It gave me a chance to catch up on things around the house, like cooking food for the next couple of days, laundry and getting extra mileage at the gym, plus I even went to see my parents for a short while. I was also debating whether to go into town, but decided against it and I am actually glad as there appeared to be a bit of trouble in town last night (Saturday) as I head a lot a police and ambulance sirens going around the town. 

Well this morning I woke at about 06:40 as some selfish git drove up my street with a noisy stereo blaring out some sort of music with to much base. I appeared that I was not the only one it woke up, as I shouted for them to turn that shit down some bloke came out were the car pulled up and shouted at him to turn it off. The drive got out of the car and faced up to the bloke, the man said something to him and then pushed the driver onto his own car, this did make me laugh. Suddenly the drive did not appear to be so tough after all as he turned his music off. A woman came out of a house close were he was park and shouted at the drive what the bloody hell do you think you are doing and got into the passenger seat, which is when the car drove off. As the man turned he looked around and you can see the smile on his face. 

Once I had been awake for a while as I could not fall back to sleep I went to make myself a coffee and made some fried sausage meat and scrambled egg for breakfast, as usual I made to much to eat, so I saved it for when I came back from the gym and heated it up again. Once it got to about 07:30 I got ready for the gym and headed out. As I walked to the gym doing a warm up walk, you know the fast paced walk just enough to warm up and to get a little bit sweaty. Once at the gym I started off with a fast paced run set on a speed of 11 for 6 minutes running then walked for a minutes and did this for around 20 minutes. Once done I then started a walked called 9 holes which lasts for about 13-14 minutes at a pace of about 7-7.5 and the treadmill at set times goes up in angle or lowers in angle. After this had finished I can tell you I was very sweaty indeed  and a little wiffy. I then headed to where there are seated weights and worked on my shoulders, lifting 30kgs each shoulder, not to heavy, I walked over to the seated leg press and tried this, I can not remember what weight it was but my legs still ache from this morning and it is 19:00 at time of writing. I went into the free weights room and started on an incline bench press and started off with 25 kg’s each side then up it to 30 kg s each side, I definitely feel that in my chest at the minute. After this I got a kettle bell about 20 kg s and held it over my head and raised my shoulders off the ground and slowly lowered my shoulders back flat on the floor, this was done slowly with a count of 15 and I tried to do this 4 times and I can tell you it was a struggle. Once I got some stretching done I went to do some free dips which works your triceps and chest, which I managed about 4 lots of 10 dips, this actually felt like my chest was being torn apart. To finish off I did about 3 lots of 10 lateral pull downs at a heavy weight which I could barely manage.

Whilst walking home I got to a junction in the road and all of a sudden about 30-40 runners can running past in the road, the road had actually been closed off as there was a town half marathon going on. Once in town I headed to my favourite coffee shop ( Costa ) for a Latte with an extra shot, but unfortunately people were cueing out the door, so I went to the one in the shopping centre and it was the same, so I decided to leave it. As I got to the other side of town I came to the main road and yet again I came across the marathon runners again, so this took me a few minutes to get across the road. Once home I went straight into the shower and cleaned up and changed my clothes, as it was quite warm I decided to wear grey baggy shorts with a thin black t-shirt with red and white writing on it saying Pathfinder Martial Arts on the chest and sleeves. Once settled I made myself some fried rice and chicken but added garlic salt to it for flavour. As I ate this I watched a film called Serenity, a Sci-Fi film but quite funny in places, this film I think lead to the spin off of Firefly TV programme. Once I watched this it was time to head off to my parents house which is about a 30-40 minute drive away. On the way there I did manage to come across a few stupid and dangerous drivers, people overtaking on bends and at cross roads, plus people on their mobiles. What the hell is wrong with people doing stupid things like this behind a wheel of a killing machine. The thing is it will be the innocent people that will get hurt or worse and this courses so much upset in families, can they not see this. 

As I hit the town where my parents life a come across a place I used to work in the community and it had been torn down and apparently turned into a children’s home. After about five minutes of driving I arrived at my parents house and greeted by  their dog running over to me, bloody fur ball. For a change it was actually quite nice there, we sat and chatted for ages and my mum made me a sandwich of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and finally salad cream. It was blooming lovely too. The whole time I was eating my mums dog tried to get me to hand him some of my sandwich, which did not happen. While I was there I left my brother his birthday present and some birthday money as he was not going to around for at least another 4 hours. I stayed for a few hours then I had to depart as I needed to get some food shopping done and make my food for work for the next few days.

Unfortunately all I did after this was drive home and make my food for the next few days, first off I made pasta in a cheese sauce, with roasted chicken and sausage meat with plenty of melted cheese on top. Plus also I made a salad with the remaining meat and lemon juice squirted over it. Right now while typing this I am also watching Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Irons. Not a bad film either. It will have to be an earlyish night for me tonight as I have work in the morning and I have to be up at 05:00 and be ready to leave the house for 06:00 to walk to work and be ready to start my shift for 07:00. I usually get there about 06:40 and that gives me time to change into my uniform and have a cup of tea and chill before I start. Cannot complain my job is easy and I do get paid well for what I do. 

Well I am off for now and hopefully my next few days at work will not be to bad and I will try and get back on here in between if I don not finish to late on my shifts. Take care everyone and do not work to hard.