Good day to you all, I hope you are all well and enjoying life. I am on my second day off today and in the next three days I will be working three 12 hours shifts, so that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I start at 07:00 and finish at 19:00 so this means as I walk to work I will get home about 19:30 and then I will have to cook food for the next day as well. I will not settle until about 20:00 but it is not to bad I do enjoy cooking. 

Well on my first day off I sadly woke at about 06:00 and could not settle down and go back to sleep. So I laid there looking through my social media on my phone, Facebook and Instagram for a while then played a few games on my phone, helps pass the time. Once I got up I made some breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and ham with some spring onions, delicious. Plus with this I had a few slices of crusty bread and a strong coffee. Once finished I got ready for the gym and wore my MyProtien gym wear and headed out the door. I went for a long walk around my local park and on my way around the park there was a few, what appeared to be drunks, a group of men staggering around and a few of them urinating in the bushes. The only thing wrong with that is there was a lot of people around the park and people off to work and school. There was also a few women out for a run as it is early and about 08:10. Heading into town I went to my favourite coffee shop (costa) and got my self a Cappuccino with an extra shot, then drank this as I walked to the gym. This must of took me about 40 minutes in all to get there, which is not to bad. 

Once set in the gym I started with a 30 minute run at a steady 10.5 pace and tried to set my mind straight so I did not get bored of running, I do tend to find usually I get bored after about 15 minutes but I managed ok this time. After my run I did my usual 9 holes but this time I did a 30-40 seconds run and then 2 minute walk as the treadmill raised and lowered, which did seem to go very quick. I went to do bench press set at 50kgs and managed only 3 sets of 10 reps. Once recovered I did leg raises, 4 sets of 20 leg raises which I do feel today. Moving on I did seated rows with weights set at 65 kg and managed 4 sets of 13 reps, which did take it out of me and finally moved on to shoulder press. With the shoulder press I managed 32.5kgs on both sides, I did do 12 reps and 4 sets. Finally I did 12 bicep curls with 4 sets and the weight was 25kgs. Once done which took about an hour at the gym, then I decided to walk the same way home which took me roughly about 35-40 minutes to get home. 

Once home I had a shower and got into my slobs, shorts and t-shirt and chilled. I made myself a milkshake from berries, milk, Greek yoghurt and a banana, filled me up for a short while, with this I decided to watch a film called Total recall. Once on the sofa watching this I suddenly woke up and as usual I had fallen asleep laying on the sofa and I had fallen asleep for a few hours. Once I finally woke up it was about 12:40 and I was starving but felt so tired and drained, I am feeling that a lot lately. To be honest I did have a good sleep not long after and I slept well in the night as well and I never sleep this much. It does feel good to catch up on your sleep.

When I went to bed finally and watched a movie I must of fell asleep while watching it, I had a weird dream again in the night. From what I can remember I was in bed and suddenly the quilt got tight around me and pinned my arms to my side. I started to float above my bed and then I could hear someone talking to me but could not make out what they was saying. I tried to call out ‘who is it’? but nothing came out, I tried this a number of times but still nothing. I floated down onto my mattress again and then there was a figure standing at the end of my bed. All I could see was a dark figure standing there and I could hardly make out their facial features but from the words I would hear I know it was a woman. This continued for what appeared to be another 10 minutes then the figure laughed and said see you soon and disappeared. Weird I know but that was just a dream……….. surely . Maybe I should get a Ouija board and see if there is a ghost trying to talk to me, funny idea I know. Any ideas on my dreams.

Well take it easy people. I hope you are doing well and please stay in touch .