It has been a while since I have been on here I suppose, I did think I had myself sorted but work been so busy and trying to go to the gym and kickboxing I am actually feeling worn out lately. I do actually think I am not eating enough through the day to fuel my body. Common mistake from what I hear around. So I have looked up what I need to do is up my carbs a little more, so I am starting to up my carbs as from today and I will see how it goes and if it doesn’t get better then I suppose I will go to the doctors to get advice. 

Work has been good lately and I have started to be the one running the shift more and more, all I can say is it has been interesting. only time will tell on this. What I have also been doing is looking for a new job to see what is on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I am looking for something I can climb the ladder with. I was sitting back and wishing I had more courage when I was younger and joined the police I would have aimed to join the armed police force and maybe tried to go higher something in the anti terrorism department I think it is called SCO19. This would be in my eyes an exciting job and an adrenalin filled job too. I have looked at the NCA at their jobs and it seems you have to be a police officer already. I did try to start with the specials in the police force but after passing the interviews and assessments I got told I am not able to join because I used to have seizures, so this stopped me joining. so was not happy about it. I have looked at Security, anything in security, I have looked at intelligence of any kind, finally at the MOD as well. I was sometime looking at applying for armed police officers for the MOD and no previous experience needed. So wish I had gone for that one. you snooze you lose is suppose.

I am going to keep looking and I believe something will come up for me. I have had a chilling weekend as I am actually feeling a little drained after  kickboxing Friday night and then the gym early Saturday morning. So I went for a walk around town on Saturday and as usual I went to my favourite coffee shop and had a large cappuccino with an extra shot and a ham and cheese panini. As I sat there eating and drinking I start to people watch , young families, old couples , sweet seeing them walk hand in hand as the waddle down the street smiling and talking. I was walking up the main high street and a group of young idiot kids pulling wheelies down the road pulling in front of cars. This did not go down well with the public and one woman stopped her car and shouted abuse at the kids, justified I would say. The little shits all crowded her car and they started getting mouthy at her. One lad pushed her back onto her car and then she smacked him in the face. He hit the floor like a sack of spuds. Some other members of the public came to her aid, not that it looked like she needed it, she had a stance like a fighter. The other people grabbed some of the louts and pushed them to the floor and told them quite harshly to go away. I can tell you I have never seen kids run so fast and one of them left his bike behind . Good on the woman nice slap too. This stupid dangerous stunt by kids is happening far to often in the town where I live and it will be the drivers that hit these idiots that will suffer for this. 

When I woke up Sunday morning I was aching so much I could hardly move and when I stood up I could feel my bones cracking all over , It did feel good though. So straight away I decided I was not going to go to the gym today as it would finish me off, rest day it is called. In fact I actually haven’t done much at all through the day so I have not got much to report for today. But one thing I am going to do is continue looking for jobs. I’ll be looking at the usual places, MOD and government websites, I need a more exciting job something that gets me thinking and looking at more things with an open mind. 

Well people I shall bid you a good day and hope you are all well, and stay safe out there people. There can be a few strange people out there and people you do not want to bump into when it starts to get dark. If you think someone is following cross the street and maybe walk back up the street and pop into a shop or a bar. If driving always keep a car distance between you and the car in front just in case you get some idiot trying to do road rage and that space will give you the distance to pull out and drive off. 

Good day people. stay safe.